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If you would like to volunteer at our Transitional Home (Coming Soon) or for our Fundraising events. Please email the Director Patrece Paul at

We do provide references for credits or community service as needed.

We would love to have you! 

Donate Specific Items

If you would like to donate items or become a monthly sponsor of a foster youth. We are an official non-profit 501(C)(3) and you can file a deduction for anything you donate. Please email us here.

We accept:

Personal Items

Hygiene Toiletries

Food Donations

Cleaning Supplies

Computers/gently used or new


  • Being homeless means not having access to things society takes for granted such as minor necessities like tooth paste and a toothbrush. This kit will provide all the seemingly simple things to help maintain good hygiene to promote a positive self-image.

  • Access to supplies such as soap and towels will help add a little more day to day confidence for our homeless youth until they can receive the proper care.

  • After speaking to our homeless youth many said they need clean undergarments, such as socks, underwear, and tshirts. This helps with keeping them warm as well as feeling fresh when washing clothes isn’t possible. It is a constant necessity we provide again and again due to homelessness

  • Many homeless females quietly struggle with the lack of monthly sanitary supplies to manage their monthly menstrual cycle so by providing them with these very necessary items is imperative to their overall well-being. It promotes good hygiene as well as promotes positive self-esteem.

  • Again, feeling good about your appearance is easier when grooming takes place, such as nail maintenance. As we all know, nail care is an important part of self-care and cleanliness. Germs and other nasty microbes can be transferred via unclean nails, therefore proper nail care is a must to add to additional self-care.

















  • We believe in a more holistic approach to managing mental health. As we move forward, the youth of today have expressed a difficult time combating depression, suicidal thoughts, and overall positive outlook on the future. Therefore, meditation offers an alternative method to medicine so much so, it can be practiced in any environment at any time.  

  • Over time, we learned that nutrition plays a major role in mental health. When malnutrition is present, the brain sluggish and foggy and may develop negative thoughts accompanied with a possible feeling of doom which would be difficult for anyone especially, our homeless youth.

  • One major spark plug of life is exercise. Although, we may believe why would homeless youth be worried about exercise, but exercise is key to a healthy mind.

  • According to Cleveland Clinic Formal music therapy has been around since the 1940’s first discovered by the U.S War Department to help military service members heal from the trauma of war. Additionally, whether dancing, singing, or listening to music can increase motivation and self-esteem, reduce muscle tension, decrease anxiety, improve self-awareness and strengthen coping as well as many other benefits (

  • Learning positive affirmations will help the youth to reflect on self confidence by activating the brain using affirmations to replace negative thoughts.

The importance of mental health includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Many times, when a youth is homeless, they lose hope of things getting better. Therefore, supporting the mental health of our homeless youth is important.  It is imperative that we help by allowing our youth to be heard and to teach them the connection between behavior, positive self-image, and stressors. Learning to manage stress is ongoing as we evolve in life, therefore the youth have to understand they are not alone and once they learn to manage stress from a healthy standpoint, they can become productive within their community an the sky is the limit to what they can achieve.  

   Frequently Asked Questions

     1. What is the charitable purpose of your NFP?


At Chosen Few Housing Inc., our goal is to assist the youth with housing as they age out of

the foster care system. We also confront the dramatic adjustment period they experience by

being on their own rather than under the State's care. These are the forgotten youth who

"age out" of foster care as they turn 18 (or the specified age for their State) who no longer

have access to the array of services or support that is typically provided by the child welfare

agency, including caseworker support. They're more likely than their peers to be homeless or have housing instability. Foster youths also may lack important knowledge and skills for living on their own (e.g., maintaining a budget, cooking skills), securing and maintaining employment, and receiving critical health, and

support services that we are more than willing to provide to ensure they become healthy

and productive adults to have or develop remarkable resiliency- as well as the ability to

cope with or recover from adversity, despite adverse histories from their circumstances. As

we help them to develop healthy relationships, and demonstrate positive behaviors, so they will feel more confident and secure with living on their own..


     2. How, and for what purpose, will the donation money be used?


We plan to use the donation money to support several programs including purchasing furniture, beds, cooking supplies etc.. We want to make the youth feel as though they have a home and safe space to call their own. Additionally, these funds will be allocated to start up different programs such as, support programs (Mental health support), counseling, literacy classes, life skills training, recreational programs within our housing facility. Moreover, we will also provide professional attire for them to go on interviews to

show them how to "Dress for Success" as they embark on a life of self-sufficiency and independence.

    3. What other sources do you receive funding from?

Other sources we receive funding from are fundraisers, grants, individual donors, merchandise sales, and pop-ups we give to raise revenue to support our efforts.

    4. How do you get your volunteer base?

We get our volunteer base by inviting friends to non-ask events to become donors.

Additionally, we use storytelling to show our volunteers how effective their gifts and pledges

are when they have the opportunity to meet the teens and listen to them so they can

physically see what type of impact their donations have made. Another source of our

fundraising activity was hosting live, in person fundraisers at the mall where a percentage of

the sales go to the organization.

    5. Where do you recruit your volunteers from?

Although our organization is in the early stages of development, our volunteers are

recruited by our board members, amazing family, and friends who promote our events using

social media. Many belong to other organizations and are actively online promoting as we

provide them with updates and posts. We also belong to non-profit groups on Facebook,

Twitter and Pinterest as we encourage others to help us spread the word.

    6. Will Group members receive any direct or indirect payment, benefit or stipend (or amounts

    earmarked for a particular volunteer) in exchange for volunteering?


It depends on the group. If the volunteers for this project are made up of adults in need,

they will receive fair compensation for the time spent volunteering.

Other group members who volunteer their time will not be compensated in anyway unless

they are in need (many choose to donate their time at no charge). All proceeds will go

toward the organizations mission.


    7. Are volunteers required to participate in a volunteer activity in order to receive, or in

    exchange for receiving, any services or benefits (such as food, clothing, shelter, or any

    other necessities of life, or for job training)?

No. Volunteers are not required to participate with a volunteer activity to receive or in exchange for any services


We’re expecting to have the ability through donations to offer a minimum of 100 kits and the possibility of many more as we bring awareness to this major need for our homeless youth.


In Person


Over the Phone


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